Phone: 011 893 3283
Cel. 072 076 1461
Fax: 086 693 0537
E-mail: beatrixnel@homeofpettags.co.za

Primary Business Address
Savannah Villas no 5
Tierhout street
Company Overvue:
Designing of genuine brass name tags for your pet. "If you love your pets,
you will tag them"! Printing from photo's or pictures on a variety of items for
you and your pet. We personalize the items the way you like it as far as
possible. We can basically print on most items depending on what you need
and if we keep or have it in stock.

Our mission is to deliver a personalized service and product, which will
satisfy our customers. We strive to see our customers happy and support
them with advice and help when necessary!